About the Artist

In the Studio

For years I struggled with what to say about my work….always looking for that deep something that would define me as an artist. Most recently I determined that I just paint, and am reminded of the words of Frida Kahlo….”I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration”


A mostly self taught abstract artist since 2001, Jayne Libby Sims studied intensely with world renowned abstract expressionist Frank Arnold (Fresno, CA and Los Cabos, Mx ) during 2010 and 2011, gaining new insights into the world of abstract expressionism.  The result of that, her birds starting with “Frank Bird” (sold July 2011) and also her unconventional faces, led her followers down a new and exciting path, culminating in 2017/18 with her fresh, free flowing abstract flowers. Now facing an uncertain 2020, Libby is revisiting her roots and love of figurative /abstract work, continuing her work with flowers, while exploring ink and watercolour sketchbooking during the early mornings. Her work continues to sell well during this uncertain year.


In 2020 I continue to learn, enjoy, and most of all, be committed to my work. I start each painting by making a mess……then I fix it**. By the time I’ve made the mess, I’m warmed up, my “go to”piece of music, Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini is on repeat and I’m painting from deep within.  This did not come easy, but I’m there now.  Thank you Frank. My work over the years has been shown in a number of places, including……

  • Resident artist currently at Arta Gallery including a solo show in 2013 “ART DOESN’T HAVE TO MATCH THE COUCH”. Also artist of the month in 2013.
  • 2002-2005.  Arts on King
  • 2005…….John Steinberg and Associates
  • The Square Foot Art Show
  • Riverdale Art Walk
  • Hangman Gallery (and a solo show, “WHERE THE DESERT MEETS EL MAR” 2006)
  • Queen West Art Crawl
  • Art Square Gallery
  • O Gallery, San Jose del Cabo Mexico 
  • 2018 Urban Gallery group show WILD IN THE CITY
  • 2019 Van Der Plas Gallery, NYC “A-C Alphabet City show, “Yellow Red Blue”show
  • 2019 LagunaArt.com
  • 2019 NewYorkART.com
  • Arta Gallery…..”appetites” show, February 2019, “like Art” June 20192019 – 2020……continuing best selling resident artist at Arta gallery in Toronto

I have been commissioned in Mexico and Toronto, with a number of avid collectors. In Mexico my work was featured in the Frank Arnold Gallery for Art Walk night in 2010 and in Toronto was featured in the window of Alexander Designs on King Street, and also in the Style at Home magazine (March 2013, page 88)

**   while studying in Mexico, I thought one piece was probably completed. Turning to Frank I said “finished?”……..he rose from his chair and taking a large brush dipped in white paint, put a cross through the painting and said “now, fix it”. The biggest lesson ……a painting can always be fixed and you must know HOW TO DO IT.